No Sex for Ten Years?

No wonder morale is low in the North Korean Army, according to this piece by Han Young Jin, a defector from Pyongyang. The mandatory service term is an incredible 10-13 years now, the minimum height is 4’11”, and some soldiers are still being discharged for malnutrition. If ten years of that isn’t bad enough, contemplate this:

Another reason why the soldiers are stressing out also has to do with “biological nature” which the soldiers face as they become adults. They open their eyes towards the other sex while they are in the military service.

No love affairs are allowed during the military service. Kim Jong Il says, “When they love, they are overwhelmed with peaceful feelings that they become hesitant when the orders come down. When a soldier has a love affair or impregnates a woman, he may be discharged for the “family reasons” but his life receives all sorts of restrictions from the system.

Meet the fierce new face of the enemy. Just exactly does Kim Jong Il think he’s doing to these guys when he packs them into barracks together and summarily cuts off their access to the opposite sex . . . at the very moment when their romantic and sexual interests are developing? Update: He can certainly ask the South Koreans if he doesn’t know.

Healthier ways to get the stress out of one’s system reportedly include beating superior officers to within an inch of their lives.

North Korea: We make war, not love.

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