From ‘War Criminal’ to Tourist Attraction?

You may recall the recent  controveries over the MacArthur statute in Incheon.  The latest news is more mundane.

These days, the park is enjoyed by a variety of visitors, from Seoul citizens to foreign tourists. During recent weekends, approximately 300 to 400 people per day visited the park. An official at the city’s Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau called this the “MacArthur Effect.”
Park manager, Jang Deok-gi, said, “Two to three times more visitors have frequented the park since last year’s demonstrations. In particular, there are a lot of people coming for family outings.”

Well, it is   a nice park, with a great view of the harbor.  Still, three or four hundred people per day in a Korean park?  It’s hardly unusual in a country  that overcrowded.  It may not exactly be news, but it does make Korea seem much more stable and orderly.

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