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LiNK Learns Flash

The Jawa Report has a must-see flash movie from LiNK, whose sophistication at spreading a powerful message continues to grow. I spoke to Adrian Hong today, and I don’t believe he’d mind me saying that he sounds weary, like a man working himself to the point of sheer exhaustion.

If you have even a small amount of extra time or money on your hands, they could use it for a good purpose. Please hit their PayPal button or volunteer some time.


  1. While I do not doubt that LiNK members are technologically advanced people, the videos are merely a matter of uploading onto YouTube. The real message is that students at LiNK chapter in California took the time to make the video. It shows what they’re capable of doing and it shows that LiNK is still lead by college students even as many members are graduating.

    I agree that Adrian is exhausted. I saw him last Monday in Jersey talking to my class about LiNK.



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