Anti-American Protest Video at Usinkorea

The Korea Sojourner, a/k/a usinkorea, has put up a video montage of some recent anti-American protests. In some parts, especially where he puts up the lyrics to the latest catchy hate song (which has an unmistakably North Korean sound), he does a service to the uninitiated. Soundtrack, too! Judge for yourself:

1. Just how “peaceful” these peace activists are;
2. How effectively the Korean police have kept their violent acts away from U.S. forces that are defending Korea;
3. If the answer to “2” above is “very” or “somewhat,” then why do these people feel sufficiently confident that they publish video of themselves assaulting U.S. service members and vandalizing U.S. installations, sometimes with their faces fully visible? It’s as if they know they won’t be prosecuted.
4. Whether usinkorea really has an accent. You think? 😉

Mandatory disclaimer: non-violent protest should be legally protected; political violence should never be tolerated by a nation of laws.


  1. While watching mid way through the montage all I could think about was how weak the Korean riot cops are: cowering under the assault of rocks and bamboo sticks. Talk about the need to grow some balls and use some aggresion back against these violent agitators.
    As for that Priest it’s easy to see why he chose a chaste lifestyle in the Catholic Church being that physically and spiritually ugly. I wonder if he ever actually spends any time in an actual church or he uses it as a respectible front for his hate along with the tax free benefits.
    Josh did you see today’s Korea Times article by Philip Dorsey Iglauer? He would have to be on some Bluehouse payroll writing such crap.


  2. You’ve got to feel sorry for those poor riot cops. Getting hammered like that and not being allowed to use their clubs in retaliation unless specifically authorized by their unit – that’s what makes them so weak. Apparently, they’re too afraid of looking like the old Park Chung Hee era police that they never give those ‘non-violent’ protestors the proper response.