Union Thugs Attack Riot Policemen’s Mothers

[Update: More KCTU follies: “We will unite with the workers of the North to fight against the U.S.” Except these workers, I presume.]

The 51-year-old mother of a riot policeman is being treated in the hospital for a serious head injury after being pushed to the ground by union demonstrators while she and a group of other parents were monitoring a protest rally in South Jeolla province, police said. The group demanded an apology yesterday from the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions.

[Link] More on the far-left, America-hating thugs at the KCTU here and here. Having acquired the noted Juche think-tank known as the Korean Government Employees’ Union (!), they’re now the largest labor organization in Korea.

The parents’ group has been campaigning for an end to violent demonstrations, both for their sons’ safety and for broader social peace. Three of the parents, including two women, were attacked by some of the demonstrators, police and the group said. Some of the union accused the parents of being sent by the police. The parents were wearing blue caps and sashes that identified them as parents of riot policemen posted at the scene, police and the group said.

The 51-year-old woman whom the group did not identify was reportedly pushed to the ground. “She is currently being treated in a hospital,” said Lee Jeong-hwa, the leader of the parents’ group, “but she has difficulty communicating. Her son is serving in a riot police unit at the South Jeolla Provincial Police Agency, and he witnessed his mother being injured at the scene.”

Kudos to these parents for bringing their cameras, and let’s hope the authorities prosecute. You’re no longer a law and order society when conscript riot policement are so defenseless against unruly mobs that their mommies have to come out to protect them. When violence is the easy way to get what you want, why bother with courts or elections?