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Korea, Where Life Imitates Monty Python

This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who.

— Monty Python and the Holy Grail

[P]ointing out mistakes and bickering over what is right and wrong is not helpful, and in the end the injury rebounds on the abduction victim and the victim’s family….”

Unidentified official, defending South Korea’s low-key reaction to a statement by South Korean abductee Kim Yong Nam, under the careful observation of North Korean minders, that he was “rescued” by a passing North Korean ship in 1978, when he was still a boy.

This, in spite of the admissions of one of the captured North Korean spies who abducted him from a beach. South Korea’s leftist government, which has provided billions in unconditional aid and investment to Kim Jong Il’s regime, has never publicly demanded the repatriation of its 468 kidnapped citizens, or the hundreds of South Korean POW’s still held since the Korean War, or conditioned the provision of aid on their release. Its “Unification Ministry” recently attempted to censor reporters when North Korea bristled at their reports describing other South Korean abductees as having been kidnapped.


  1. So how did down right criminal kidnapping abduction became voluntary repatriation to worker’s paradise by teenage boy? How about returning all those poor souls forcebly kidnapped (KAL crews, countless fishermen, kids, etc) not to mention ROK POWs kept by DPRK against their will?

    Once these folks are returned and commies admit wrong doings and ask for forgiveness then let’s talk about aid like Japan!

    These fxckers at uniFICTION can only spin and spin can give more and more yet get SO DAMN little if any other than more veiled threats for more freebies.

    All the while protest UN and EU comdemnation on world’s worst human right cases? Turn blind eye to plight of millions dying of starvation for forced into sex slavery?

    So this is “sunshine”? Give me a break you spineless SOBs. All of NO cronies should be sent to DPRK!



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