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Leaked British Intelligence Report Accuses North Korea of Biowar Experiments on Infants

“Hundreds of prisoners die there each week, the victims of biological or chemical experiments to test out [chemical and biological] weapons for North Korea’s CBW arsenal,” claims an MI6 report.

In one intelligence file is the allegation that newborn babies are taken from their mothers and injected with biological agents or given injections of chemicals that blister the skin, leaving huge keloids, the sores seen on the bodies of Hiroshima victims.

Caveat: I’m lukewarm on WorldNetDaily as a source, but would consider MI6 to be the best we could hope to do under the circumstances. The report also appears to be based on one person’s testimony, although I’m not sure how realistic it is to expect corroboration. It’s also the first I’ve heard of biowar experiments on babies or underground labs at that site, but reports of systematic baby-killing or gas chambers in North Korea (watch the BBC documentary here) have been out there, alleged by multiple witnesses, for years. Substantial evidence suggests that North Korea systematically starved millions of its own people to death. That means that this latest report, while not within the constellation of our few known facts about Camp 22, doesn’t push North Korea’s depravity envelope, either.

The best way to resolve these questions would obviously be to allow an impartial investigator full access to the site. Absent that, I’ll presume what other known facts tell me: that this regime has something hideous to hide at Camp 22.

Big, big hat tip to the Nomad for this one.


  1. This is the regime NO and his cronies support. They look the other way on death of the innocents and suffering yet all they can do is pump more USD in the name of “sunshine”. MURDERERS of even infants…

    Per Brit press Guardian:,,1816145,00.html

    So is he mad? Not according to Jerrold Post, a political psychologist at George Washington University, who said after last week’s missile tests: ‘He’s crazy like a fox, but he does have a very dangerous personality, what I call a malignant narcissism, which means such self-absorption that you can’t really empathise with the pain and suffering of others, including the pain and suffering of his own people. He has had millions die and it does not have much impact on him.’


  2. Just a general question…I’m going to be in S. Korea in a few weeks…Does anyone know who/where i can go to in Seoul? to possibly contribute in some way shape or form to the cause? Thanks.



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