Name That Boat

Spotted near Sinp’o. Hint: all three boats are about 125 feet long. Can you identify the class?


  1. The Sang-o’s were built at Sinpo.

    Apparently they use them for special ops in addition to normal doctrine.
    NK also has some ex-Soviet Romeo and Whisky class subs. Oh the noise! haha

    I try to imagine how NK could actually make good use of them. They would have to stand still under water, not move, but just wait for targets. Maybe lay a bunch of mines at the onset of things. Not much…


  2. Definately Sang-o’s. Kevin is correct that these platforms are used for SOF based recon. Check out the following article to see what happened to the 4th member of the Sango class back in September of 1996:

    Mr. Dies gives a nice glimpse of what happened although he gives a conservative number of casualties. Civilian deaths alone caused by the ROK army and police in the manhunt numbered over 40 and wounded were roughly 120. Anyway, it’s a neat look at what NK uses the platforms in the above photo for.