Stealth: 39.905 N, 125.493 E

By request:

A wider angle view:

These are the infamous An-2 Colts, which the North Korean Special Forces would use to cross into South Korea by flying too low to be picked up on radar, and by taking advantage of the Colt’s stealthy wood and fabric construction. The Chinese version is called the Y-5. Note what appear to be underground hangars.


  1. Thanks Joshue. Don\’t smile too much. They had to replay that computer war when they were called into play. Low tech can be good tech. Remember how much trouble was had in 97/98 when that sub was grounded on the east cost. UH-60s flying around like angry bees looking fo NKM amoung SKC.

  2. I found those on Google Earth last year. The initial response from my Korean born and military trained friends were they are possibly not flight worthy aircraft to look like a squadron of FMC fighters.

    It probably gets colder than a DPRK tunnel digger’s elbow there so any underground facility doesn’t surprise me.

  3. If they had any underground facilities and needed to hide or shelter anything they would have alert shelters for those aircraft sitting out in the weather. That is why the appearance of non-flightworthy airplanes makes sense.

  4. The An-2s are NOT stealthy. First, the fuselage has an aluminum skin and secondly, it has a large radial piston engines,which is an awesome radar reflector. They might be able to terrain mask to hide from radars but they are hardly stealthy.

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