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Yoduk Story Update

Tickets are now on sale at this link. Here are two background reports from the BBC and the L.A. Times. There have been numerous reports on “Yoduk Story” on this blog, including on alleged attempts by South Korea to censor it.

Previously, Horace Jeffery Hodges had commented that the English translation for the YS production in Seoul was, well, Konglishy. After making some inquiries with people who are involved in bringing YS to America, I’m pleased to pass on that others have given the translated dialogue a thorough clean-up. Thanks very much to Jeffery for even considering such generosity with his time for a good cause, and I hope readers will stop by his blog to read his detailed examination of the controversy surrounding Pope Benedict and Islam.


  1. Thanks, Joshua, for the update. I’m glad that the producers believed somebody’s report about the language and acted on correcting the English text.

    I find this problem with ‘Konglish’ a lot in Korea, and that’s understandable, but the mysterious thing to me is the resistance that I encounter if I offer to correct it. I find utter indifference. Nobody seems concerned. Sometimes, they even defend their English, claiming that other native speakers of English said that there were no problems … which I find hard to believe.

    Any ideas about why this is the case? — the resistance, I mean.

    Anyway, thanks again for the update (and by the way, my name is actually “Jeffery”).

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *


  2. I saw Yodeok a little while back. I was suprised at how well put together it was considering all of the publicity regarding funding problems Great show.


  3. not sure who you spoke with, but as of right now the translation is the same as the august korea show’s- in other words, bad.

    we are working to fix it. we might still need help.



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