New Theme and Tabs

As you have probably noticed, I installed a new theme over the weekend. Note those slick tabs along the top menu below the banner. Try clicking them and tell me what you think of the search function, archives, and news reader page (the blogroll is still incomplete). The idea behind the news reader is to use the power of RSS to make it easier for you to check current headlines and blog posts on topics of interest.

Let me know what you think, but it might be pretty hard to talk me out of this one.

Update: Arrrgh!   The damn feeds page, which looked so great last night, isn’t working.  Please bear with me.


  1. Nice layout Joshua. Appreciated your always on the dot insighful and prolific posts related to Korea at TKL (vs. sans unrelated posts about DC’s restaurants and clipped ads for ilicit activities to jewish people). You’ve done a great job at TKL and OFK and wish you’ll continue to post excellent posts. Cheers

  2. the new layout looks great, but from a useability standpoint, the old setup was preferable. human web surfers are fickle, myself included.

    i was much more likely to look at the external links and use the search when they were on the main page. Now I find myself reading the front page blurbs, clicking through to finish a few of the posts, and then going to anotehr site. Before I would at least scan the headlines at DPRK Studies and the other sites you snagged headlines from and would sometimes click those that interested me. i guess it depends what your goal is.

    as to archives — yeah, that belongs on a separate page

    hmm, just now am clicking on “Pages & Links” for hte first time — it’s not really a hyperlink, but just some javascript. unexpected behavior happening here — eg, after i click “pages and linkcs”, if i hover over over “pages and links” it still says “show the pages and links section”.

    and why is it called “live search” — is that different than search? for a second there when i saw the aerial photo of NK i thought maybe i could do a search of google earth or something

    Anyway, the content you provide, Joshua, is stellar, so unless you start using blinking text, i will continue to read regardless. take my design feedback for what it’s worth.

  3. agreed – i’d rather have the whole post (or at least a big chunk of it) on the main page, even if i have to scroll down a ways.

  4. Well, krep. And it’s been a lot of work. Doesn’t it matter that the java means you don’t have to wait for the page to reload?

    Maybe there will be a way to put it where those comment links are on the side now. Actually, I had plans to make that the “recent comments” area.

  5. yeah, if you display the Pages & Links/Archives/etc in a column of its own, but the main body text column(s) stay the same, then it would won’t be so confusing

    the big question is what you want people to focus on. by not putting htem on the page that’s first loaded, it says they’re not as impt.

    anyway, if you choose to keep the show/hide concept, you might just change teh “link” names to “Display Pages & Links”, “Display Archives”, etc. (and when they’re being displayed, “Hide Pages & Links”, Hide Archives”, etc) — this tells me I’m not going to an new page. (though, technically, this isn’t a perfect solution, either, because then I would expect to be able to see, eg, Pages & Links and Archives at the same time)

    in addition, you might consider using a cookie to remember what section(s) the user chose to display — then i could set it once and be done with it

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