Shame on South Korea

They’re going to abstain again.  This year, there will be  another U.N. resolution condemning North Korea’s mass murder of its own people — 2.4 million and counting, and South Korea will remain silent.  LiNK was there to make sure the world remembers this cowardly, selfish, and  reprehensible act.  One day, the North Korean people will demand an explanation.  These abstentions will add  the bitterness of betrayal to the great difficulties that are sure to come with reunification.  (Picture credits:  1, 2)





















Yonhap interviewed Adrian Hong at the protest:

Adrian Hong, head of a Washington-based human rights group, Liberty in North Korea, claimed Seoul was again prepared to again throw away its vote in the upcoming poll on the European Union-proposed resolution on North Korean human rights, citing his recent meeting with an unidentified official from the South Korean mission.

“It is shameful” for South Korea to abstain from voting on North Korean human rights resolutions, Hong said, especially when its Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon has been elected to become the United Nations’ next secretary-general.

“(South Korea) must realize the seriousness of North Korean human rights issues, although belatedly, and must not repeat its irresponsible behavior by abstaining in the U.N. General Assembly vote on the North Korean human rights resolution,” Hong said.

To me, this picture says it all. 

One day, South Koreans will also say that they did not know.  But of course, they know.  And just as people hide their past collaboration with Japan today, one day, everyone will want to deny any association with Uri and claim to have been a part of Durihana.


  1. When I first saw the second picture, I thought they had printed YONHAP NEWS on their banner. Then I realized it was just the most shameless placement of a watermark ever. Oh well, at least they gave some coverage to this issue….