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CNN Reports from the Yalu River

The Daily NK provides this link to the video of the broadcast (which worked fine for me).  They show scenes from across the river and interview a refugee woman on the Chinese side. It’s nothing new, really, although it bears constant repetition that North Koreans aren’t brainwashed automatons.  Increasingly, they’re willing to say just what they think of the Dear Leader’s bounty … even to foreign journalists.
On a related note, don’t miss the Daily NK’s follow-up to the protest incident in Hoeryong I noted here.  There, a North Korean middle class seems remarkably persistent in its determination to emerge.  Even more remarkably, local authorities appear to have caved for the time being.  If you’re not reading the Daily NK regularly, you should be.  The quality of their reporting continues to improve, and their reach inside North Korea is astonishing.