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Man Who Led Violent 9/11 MacArthur Protests Arrested as N. Korean Spy

Has anyone forgotten this?  Today, we have a bit more certainty about what many of us had probably guessed, and we have yet more mounting  evidence of a hidden North Korean hand behind South Korea’s violent anti-American radicalism:

Kang Soon-jeong, the former vice chairman of the South Korean chapter of the Pan-Korean Alliance for Reunification, an outlawed pro-Pyongyang group, was arrested on Tuesday for providing “national secrets” to Pyongyang, police said. Kang was also co-chairman of a civic group that led efforts to topple the statue of U.S. general Dougas MacArthur in Incheon last year.

You could call Kang a “usual suspect.”  Already on parole after doing  4 1/2 years on a prior spying rap, Kang was a leader in  other far-left groups and also played a role in violent anti-FTA protests and in the violent anti-USFK protests at Camp Humphreys.  You may recall that Kang is now the second suspected North Korean spy to have found among the Humphreys protest leaders.  No evidence connects Kang to the Il Shim Hue ring, and there’s no direct evidence of North Korean instructions behind the protests themselves, although that seems likely, to put it mildly.