Chinese Diplomats on the Town, Behaving Like … American Infantry!

Heard in the Forbidden City:  “Those uppity vassals won’t get away with  indignities like this  when we build our governor’s mansion on top of Kwanghwamun!”

Police pulled over a car with the diplomatic license plate of the Chinese Embassy near the main gate of Ewha Women’s University around 9:50 p.m. on Tuesday. The driver and three passengers declined to take the test or confirm their identities and kept doors and windows locked.

Police guided the car into a corner, where the standoff continued for eight-and-a-half hours until 6:15 the next morning, when police let the car go after Foreign Ministry staff stepped in.  [link]

Unruly mob demands for Korea to exercise criminal jurisdiction are not —   repeat, not — forecast.  And while such demands would have no basis in law, we’ve learned that that’s beside the point.