N. Korean Soldiers Repatriated

Previous post here.  In this photograph, one of them is being escorted by a U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and a South Korean First Lieutenant — without the use of a Baby Bjorn, which is not authorized with the uniform.  He looks thrilled to be on his way home, which is what you’d expect for a guy found  adrift and near death on a raft  in  the Sea of Japan  in December.




I’m sad that our Army had any part in this dubious transfer, notwithstanding the obvious value of the photo op. 

(Photo:  Joongang Ilbo)


  1. I *LOVE* the photo. I don’t know why. It’s awsome. I just wish the US Army would start issuing cool sunglasses like their ROK counterpart. I write this not with any sarcasm. That colonel and lieutenent look really bad ass. I wonder if the army chose them for their photogenic appeal.

    What’s a baby bjorn btw?

  2. VW, a Baby Bjorn is the nickname a combination body armor, physical restraint device used by some militaries for riot control or prisoner transfer in situations where you do not want to engage in prior restraint (such as cuffing). For example, it can be employed when you expect violence at a protest. I suspect that they are not authorized with the uniform because of there controversial nature (several people have been seriously injured by them).




    OK, I was joking. A baby BJorn is just a brand of baby carrier. Josh was just joking about the kid’s size.

    On a serious note, while I understand that the JSA is just that, I wish the Norklet would have been escorted by two Koreans. Having the American in the frame just feeds the propaganda from Pyongyang and its followers in the South that the ROK is subserviant to the USA.

  3. Lucas: You mean “Sea of Japan,” right?

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