Holy Mother of Pearl — GI Korea’s dismantling of AP Reporter Charles Hanley (Part 2,  Part 1)  is one  for the ages. 

Please remind me to learn from the pile of cinders that was once Charles Hanley and never mess with GI Korea.  On the other hand, Hanley’s own comment on GI Korea’s blog may be the most damning condemnation of his objectivity and professionalism.  I responded directly to Hanley there.


  1. I read your comment and I’m pretty sure as well the comment was from Hanley as well because the tone of the comment was very similar to the tone he used to debate Major Bateman during a taped debate two years ago. He was extremely arrogant and condescending to a very well US Army Major and never answered many of the simple questions Bateman asked him. He kept attacking Bateman as a No Gun-ri denier which he isn’t.

    Anyway your checking of the email address pretty much confirms it was him. I hope he reads my full series of postings and responds in kind.

  2. GI Korea,
    If he responds I doubt he will address the obvious flaws in his story that you point out; he didn’t with MAJ Bateman. And all he can do is to admit to a sloppily done story that ultimately is wrong in its key assumptions and conclusions.

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