Come Here and Let Us Hate You!

Don’t get me wrong; I actually like Dick Cheney.   He’s from Wyoming, which practically makes him a neighbor, and he  may be one of the few people out there who’s hard-line enough for my taste, particularly on North Korea, but you have to admit that he has lacked rock star appeal recently.  That’s why it’s puzzling to see even hypersensitive South Korea feel slighted by the fact that Cheney will give the place a miss in an upcoming Asia trip. 

Think of what he’ll be  missing:  a greeting from  tens of thousands of apoplectic anti-Americans who were probably listening to the rhetoric (and spending the money) coming from the  same government that has the gall to feel slighted when Cheney takes his business elsewhere.  And if that protest  were to get  out of hand, it’s not as if the South Korean police have a great  record for restoring order lately  — they can’t even protect  our Ambassador

See also:  GI Korea, who  destroys South Korea’s wounded cries of ingratitude.  Yeah, they should talk.

It’s times like this when an alliance with South Korea seems like a lose-lose proposition.  Go or no go, we’ll be criticized for it.  One of the key expectations upon us is to be present to accept abuse.  Rather than concede that, we’re sending Undersecretary of Defense Richard Lawless to cast his stony gaze  upon his Korean counterparts.  Lawless, arguably the most effective of U.S. officials in dealing with South Korea, will want some “clarifications” on cost-sharing, and on  suggestions that South Korea may renege on the USFK restructuring schedule.


  1. Not content with the easy sport pushing around USFK leaders and telling them to mind their manners now the ROKGOV wants to dictate the travel itinerary for the US VP too?

    Brazen. That’s all I can say about it.

    Could someone please remind again me what common goals and worldviews this so-called alliance is based on?

    Is America content to live under the presumption that it’s troops and even it’s elected leaders are mere guard dogs tied up in Korea’s back yard to be summoned when ever the whim hits and used for whatever purpose the Blue House sees fit?