Peace Is at Hand!

*    Accountability Is So Last Month:    For those who are thirsty for some rare news of someone holding Kim Jong Il accountable for anything lately, Opinion Journal has more on the end of the U.N. Development Program’s highly questionable North Korea operations, and some unsolicited advice for Chris Hill.

*   ‘There’s Nothing to Wait for Here:’   Those words, from the North Korean delegate who passed reporters on his way into “normalization” talks, could be the truest words he’s ever spoken while sober.  Had he said truer words while drunk, he’d probably be breaking rocks in a camp near Chongjin.

*   Broadcasting Update:   The Daily NK has the latest on Open Radio for North Korea.

*   Stage 4 Watch:   In its bid to retake the borderlands beside China, the North Korean regime breaks out its weapon of last resort:  food.