N. Koreans May Have Given U.N. Counterfeit $100 Bills

[A]  new twist now emerging in the Cash-for-Kim scandal is that while the UNDP has been giving Kim real money, Kim’s regime may have been handing over counterfeit banknotes to the UNDP–which apparently had a stack of counterfeit $100 bills sitting in its office-safe in Pyongyang.  [National Review]

We owe this revelation to — who else? — Claudia Rosett.


  1. […] See also:  The Captain’s Quarters links a New York Sun story on more North Korean counterfeit money in the U.N.’s possession – this time, right at U.N. Headquarters in New York City (remembers this?).  This highlights the one discernable advantage of having a bunch of worthless, ineffective, double-parking deadbeats on our soil:  it gives the Justice Department a degree of personal jurisdiction over them.  It looks like the Feds are investigating the question of when U.N. officials first knew what they had in their possession. […]

  2. […] The UN has released the results of a preliminary audit report on the UN Development Program’s operations in North Korea.  Those operations were shut down following revelations that the UN gave the regime cash with few conditions and little accountability, and essentially became its “ATM machine.”  Among the juicy revelations is that the UN was keeping a large sum of counterfeit “supernotes” in a UN safe.  The UN now concedes that the UNDP violated UN rules: A statement by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, who called for the audit in January under pressure from the U.S., said the preliminary report “identifies practices not in keeping with how the United Nations operates elsewhere in the world.” But he insisted that the audit does not back up U.S. charges that UN funding on a large scale was systematically diverted to North Korea’s regime. […]

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