‘Abduction’ Film Updates

This beautifully produced film, created by two National Geographic alumni, will air on BBC 4’s “Storyville” series  on March 22nd at 10:30 p.m.  I’d add that since absolutely nothing is open at that time in Britain, there’s no excuse not to watch.

The film is also coming to DVD in May, with digitally remastered sound and subtitles in eight languages.  More at AbductionFilm.com.

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  1. To my surprise the TV guide says that prior to ‘Storyville’ we’ll be seeing ‘Crossing the Line’ featuring Mr. Dresnok (at 9pm). That seems a bit soon though since the film got recently released.
    On a final note to the editor : there are plenty of pubs open at 10:30, come see for yourself.