Freedom House Panel on N. Korean Gulags

If you couldn’t make it to the Freedom House panel on the North Korean gulags, “Concentrations of Inhumanity,” Freedom House was kind enough to send a transcript of some of the remarks, the bios of the panelists, and even a few pictures.   

 hawk_and_banner.jpg     panelists_2.JPG     panelists_1.JPG

One of the two  most salient points I take from the discussion is human rights scholar David Hawk’s explanation of why operating these camps is a “crime against humanity,” as defined by the Rome Statute.  The other is the general media disinterest in the entire subject, which is why a market exists for better media.  Let’s hope someone covers this event.

Those materials will be posted on Freedom House’s own North Korea page on Monday, so I’m especially thankful to FH for letting you see it here first.  If you’re ever considering a charitable contribution to a human rights group worthy of its name, consider Freedom House.  And don’t forget that LiNK co-sponsored.

Some related links:

  • A link to the FH page where you can also find David Hawk’s report, “Concentrations of Inhumanity.”
  • My June 2005 interview with panelist  Jae Ku.
  • My October 2006 interview with panelist  Gordon Flake.
  • Google Earth images of Camp 16, Hwasong. 
  • Google Earth images — a tour, really — of Camp 22, Hoeryong.

Updates:   Welcome Gateway Pundit readers.  If you don’t click any other links here, please  follow the link immediately above and learn about Camp 22.   It’s the single most important post I’ve written in the three years I’ve kept this blog. 

So who covered the story?  The Christian Post wrote a good report.  From those who dominate the industry, it got the Big Yawn.   They’ll even (mostly)  overlook it if you  gas kids, as long as you vex George W. Bush.