What is Condi Thinking?

It took the Annapolis Summit — not North Korea — to galavanize conservative suspicions about Secretary Rice and our State Department.  That part of the world doesn’t interest me much because I wrote it off as hopeless after visiting it in 1990 (I mean the Middle East, not  Annapolis).  My few days in Israel and a  Hamas-controlled village in  East Jerusalem have persuaded me that there isn’t going to be peace there until the Palestinians make the fundamental decision that terrorism won’t accomplish their objectives.   Negotiating the  big picture is  a waste of perfectly fine crabcakes* until  Israel has someone to negotiate with in good faith.

Enough of that morass.  But I brought this up to point you to this criticism of Annapolis by Powerline’s Paul Mirengoff, who could just as well be speaking about North Korea. 

*   Poor Israel can’t catch a break.  Didn’t it occur to anyone in the State Department that the local delicacy isn’t kosher?  Lest anyone misunderstand, I’m suggesting a minor diplomatic  bungle here, not veiled anti-semitism.  I mean, remember this?