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N. Korea refugees commits suicide in Chinese jail

From Tokyo, where some NGO’s are holding an international conference on North Korean human rights, Human Rights Without Frontiers sends this sad news: 

HRWF Int’l (17.12.2007) – Website: – Email: – On Friday,14 Dec.2007, the participants of the International Conference of the North Korean Human Rights Awareness, Tokyo , were alarmed by news of a new and barbaric dragnet operation aimed at North Korean refugees carried out by Chinese police last week in the areas of Quin Hwang Dao, Hobei Prov. In what appears to be a new wave of crackdowns on North Korean refugee woman in Quin Long Prison in the same area in early morning of Wed. 12,2007.




Kim Yong Ja, 46 (7 May、1957)、was an ordinary housewife from Kuwol dong, Pyongsong City, Pyongan Province in North Korea and was among some 40 North Korean refugees who were arrested during the past 5 days in the areas of Qin Huang Dau, Hubei Province in a new wave of crackdown on the North Korean refugees in China.


In an act of protest to Chinese police brutality perpetrated on North Korean Refugees and reflecting her own great despair and fear of persecution at the prospect of her own impending repatriation to North Korea, she slashed her wrist and throat with a shard of broken glass from a prison window.


In this context, the International conference express deep condolences to the family of Kim Young Ja, and condemns the Chinese government in the strongest possible term for the barbaric operation of hunting down North Korean refugees and repatriating them to certain fates of imprisonment, torture and even summary execution. Such actions are in utter defiance of humanitarianism and customary international law. The conference participants have addressed a strong letter of protest to the Chinese Ambassador in Tokyo on Friday, 14 December 2007


Your kind attention to this tragedy would be greatly appreciated in the name of humanity and justice and peace for mankind.


On behalf of the International Conference North Korean Human Rights Awareness Week

Dec.15 2007



Kato Hiroshi

Executive Director

Life Funds for North Korean Refugees

A-101 2-2-8 Nishikata Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan