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Anju Links for 26 Jan 08

THE STREETS ARE NOT PAVED WITH GOLD: North Korean refugees talk about working two jobs, missing their families, immigration paperwork, English, and surviving. It’s not perfect, but it sure beats the alternatives:

“During the March of Starvation 10 years ago, I lay in my bedroom after having had nothing to eat for three days and thought, ‘So this is how people die.’ For me to be here is like a dream. I do not have anything in North Korea and China, but I have something in the U.S.,” said Choi Mee Hyang (female, pseudonym) excitedly.

She relayed her impression regarding the freedom she gets to experience in the U.S., “In China, I hid the fact that I was North Korean. Now though, I proudly say that I am a North Korean.” [Daily NK]



Pyongyang, a great place to live

North Korea Without a Guide


It wasn’t long ago that Mr. Lefkowitz’s comments, which also recommended linking human-rights to security issues with the North, would have been a fair reflection of President Bush’s own views. But apparently not any more, as Mr. Bush has accepted Ms. Rice’s judgment that one more “Dear Mr. Chairman” letter, or one more aid shipment, or one more diplomatic concession will cause Kim to change his ways.

State is even claiming that North Korea has fulfilled the requirements necessary to get itself off the list of state sponsors of terrorism, one of Pyongyang’s key demands. A contrary assessment is provided by the Congressional Research Service, which recently noted “reports from reputable sources that North Korea has provided arms and possibly training to Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka.” State also seems to be ignoring, or suppressing, evidence of Pyongyang’s nuclear proliferation, which was brought to light after Israel destroyed an apparent North Korean nuclear facility in September.

We understand why Ms. Rice would be unhappy to hear her policy contradicted by Mr. Lefkowitz. We would be more understanding if that policy had any record of success. Kim Jong Il has now had nearly a year and two deadlines to fulfill his nuclear promises and shows no intention of doing so. Chances are he now figures he can wait out this Administration and hope for better terms from President Clinton.

On present course, Ms. Rice is setting President Bush up to spend his final year begging Kim to cooperate by offering an ever growing and more embarrassing list of carrots. Mr. Bush would do better to listen to Mr. Lefkowitz, while ordering Ms. Rice to introduce him to the Chinese and Russians. [Wall Street Journal]


  1. On the nuclear test, in relation to the above note from the Wall Street Journal, from North Korea’s point of view, it surely believes even its failed nuke and ICBM tests were a success. I am sure the regime believes that is why Bush flipflopped and caved into them in creating Agreed Framework 2.0. I am sure they believe that this makes testing another nuclear weapon even more attractive.


  2. Re: North Korea without a guide

    Its interesting how even though almost 20 years have passed, Pyongyang hasn’t changed one bit.

    I’ve heard some interesting stories about Pyongyang during the World Festival for Youth and Students in ‘89. Check out Michael Harrold’s “Comrades and Strangers” for some descriptions.



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