Do Not Resuscitate

You know it’s time for Plan B when even the New York Times deems Plan A comatose.

The concert would have had even more significance if it could have celebrated continuing progress toward shuttering North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

That effort unfortunately has stalled, and the fault — at least this time — is undeniably Pyongyang’s. [….]

North Korea has said it would produce the accounting, but first it wants Washington to remove it from the list of state sponsors of terrorism and lift certain sanctions. Washington says the sequencing can be worked out if Pyongyang is prepared for full disclosure.

The Bush administration has a long history of using any excuse to scuttle any diplomatic deal, but in this case it is right. Pyongyang clearly agreed to full disclosure and the deadline. Since then serious questions have also arisen about Pyongyang’s nuclear cooperation with Syria. That must also be disclosed. [New York Times Editorial, January 28, 2008]

… and the lions shall lie down with the lambs, and the neocons shall speak in French.

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