That’s funny. I thought they were building a baby milk factory.

North Korea admitted to sending engineers to military-related and other facilities in Syria during its recent talks with the United States over its nuclear program, diplomatic sources in New York said Friday.  Pyongyang, however, denied its involvement in Syrian nuclear development, according to the sources.  [Kyodo News]

If you say so.  Could this be the beginning of a half-assed “declaration,” no doubt scrawled out on the back of a bar napkin?

(Hat tip to a friend.)

Update:   Andy Jackson and John Hinderaker at Power Line have a little  more.  I think the really interesting admission is the one about the “materials.”  What kind of materials, exactly?  As John Hinderaker notes, North Korea isn’t famed for its  scientific contributions in  non-WMD-related fields.  I’ve heard  some pretty shocking  rumors about North Korea and Syria, but even if I could confirm them, I wouldn’t publish them.   And even if this story really is as  bad as some reports have suggested,  nothing Kim Jong Il  does  can deter the Third Clinton  Administration’s blind and unyielding determination to overlook any offense, crime, provocation,  or atrocity that North Korea would commit.