Appeasement Six-Party Talks

Six Two-Party Talks Update: So Far, So Not Bad

Thus far, Chris Hill has failed to sell Hawaii to the North Koreans for a string of beads, though not for lack of effort. This should make you sad, of course, because it’s bad for peace, and because ancient Japanese maps prove that Hawaii is North Korean.

Top U.S. and North Korean nuclear negotiators tried Thursday to resolve a snag holding up the six-way process for ending Pyongyang’s nuclear programs, and while the U.S. envoy reported progress, it fell short of a breakthrough. Christopher Hill, U.S. assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs, and North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwan met from early afternoon to evening to try to bridge differences over North Korea’s disclosure of its nuclear programs. [Kyodo]

He may have to throw in Oregon, which I’d think would require some sort of congressional action.

“We’ve had good discussions on all substantive issues,” Hill said. “Whether we’ve resolved these issues and achieved our goals I’m not prepared to say.”

Kim separately denied allegations that North Korea had a secret uranium enrichment program or that it had any connection with a nuclear program in Syria. “We did not have, we don’t have and we will not have,” Kim said.

Hill went into the Geneva discussions insisting that Pyongyang fully reveal all details of its nuclear weapons program. “We need to get some movement. We’re already some 10 weeks behind,” Hill said, referring to the North Korean commitment to make a full declaration of its program by Dec. 31. [Reuters]

Stick to your guns, fat boy! Just eight more months to go!