Barack Obama’s First Broken Promise

kim-dong-shik.jpgI’ve finally obtained a  scan of the original letter in which Senator Barack  Obama and 19 other members of the Illinois congressional delegation promised not to support  de-listing North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism  absent a full  accounting  for the fate of  Reverend Kim Dong Shik.  Rev. Kim,  a U.S. lawful permanent resident, was  kidnapped by North Korean agents in China in 2000, while trying to help North Korean refugees fleeing starvation and oppression in their homeland.   The letter with Obama’s signature is here:


Although North Korea has never accounted for Rev. Kim, last week, Barack Obama said  that he would support de-listing North Korea after all.  Rev. Kim, who was in his 60’s and wheelchair bound when abducted, is believed to have died  under interrogation in North Korea.  His children are U.S. citizens.  His wife  and one of  his childen  were Obama’s constituents in 2005.  The strongly worded letter Obama signed  compared Rev. Kim to Harriet Tubman and Raoul Wallenberg.

We do not have to ask whether President Obama would be an appeaser.   Senator Obama  already is.  Just like George W. Bush


  1. We don’t negotiate with terrorists, and yet we continually reward The DPRK regime whenever they rattle their sabres.