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Anju Links for 30 June 2008

I HOPE YOU ENJOYED the show.   That’ll be $2.5 million

SORRY ‘BOUT THAT!   Yet again, the South Korean government endangers the families of its forgotten prisoners of war.

DON’T THINK OF THEM AS LOVED ONES.  Think of them as hostages  (more).

FOR THE FIRST TIME, senior South Korean officials have commemorated the anniversary of a 2002 sea battle with North Korean patrol boats that left six South Korean sailors dead.

THE HOTTEST ITEM FOR SMUGGLERS in Sinuiju, along the Chinese-North Korean border, is food.  Juxtapose that  with an al-Yahoo headline implying that America was starving the North Korean people until it got that half-assed nuclear “declaration” of theirs.

IF YOU HAPPEN TO BE ANYWHERE NEAR BRUSSELS, there will be a screening of the film “Crossing” tomorrow night at 7 p.m. The location is Alsembergsteenweg 1131, Beersel, 1650, Tel. 02-380-43-15. More information at

LIFE IN PYONGYANG, as told by the Times of London: There won’t be much that’s new there for regular readers.