A Smaller Army, in More Ways Than One

Chronic food shortages will considerably reduce North Korea’s pool of military recruits in the coming years, with nearly a quarter of young adults unfit for service due to malnutrition-related mental disabilities, a U.S. intelligence report said. [Yonhap]

Malnutrition may also be taking an intellectual toll on North Koreans:

The famine of the 1990s has caused severe cognitive deficiencies among young North Koreans, said the report by the National Intelligence Council that used studies from several U.S. intelligence agencies.

I doubt don’t that the misrule of the Kims will also take a severe toll on the North Korean people morally and psychologically as well. It will take generations for North Korea to recover from this era.


  1. Speaking of the Army, this little known article about a 2007 KPA report warns against the spread of religion not only in NK but in the KPA itself:

    “On the 6th of September [2007], the Committee for Democratization of North Korea collected and revealed an educational-purpose document, which was issued by the Chosun People’s Army Publishing Department. This 18-page manuscript, issued in March, 2007, was used in the two months following to educate soldiers and commissioned officers about the increase in soldiers relying on religion and foreign publications. According to the document, there is a need to re-indoctrinate the North Korean People’s Army in order to suppress the inflow of capitalism.

    It warned that, “We should not look, listen, read the documents, broadcastings and video or audio materials made by the enemy. The enemy is using Radio and TV to launch false propaganda through well-made, strategic news and intrigue.” and “While the enemy continues to attack us with their political indoctrination, our soldiers must not sway to their influence. We must block off all means of broadcasting through which the enemies can trespass.

    In particular, the report advises very strictly that the soldiers not be dazzled by religion, and to pursue socialism no matter what. It conveys that religion is not only taking over the regular citizens but is becoming an influence within the army of North Korea.

    The document states that, “The enemy is sending bibles, audio and video materials related to religion and superstition through various routes. They are placing spies within international delegations entering our borders to spread their religions and superstitious beliefs and win our citizens over to their side.”

    In addition, “Religion and superstition are like poison that corrupts socialism and paralyzes class consciousness. Our soldiers must, more than ever, instigate a revolutionary awakening to defy the enemies’ maneuvers.”

    I have said it before and I will continue to say it: the DPRK fears the SK missionaries more than all the CFC’s arsenal of kinetic weapons. The balloon launchers will bring down the DPRK before the CFC. The prayers of the saints and the substantial blood of the NK martyrs wields far more power than the CFC military.

    We know that the PKA soldiers are dispatched to collect up the leaflets that balloons drop over North Korea – and now we know that KPA soldiers are not only reading them but believing Christ whom they preach.

    This is big – and the secularist is blinded from seeing the real impact. Until one analyzes the DPRK for what it is – a massive, coercive religious cult – one cannot possibly appreciate the power of the Christian religion at work in North Korea.

    From my foxhole, this is great news.

    Per Joshua’s “small” commentary – perhaps the regime is using the dimunition of intellectual acuity to explain the increase of believers among the KPA regulars…


  2. i think this rebuttal by DPRK re: how unfit their soldiers are really rubbed the DPRK government the wrong way:


    i think i’m also getting used to that pattern recently. when there is some media in the world that really irks the DPRK, they refute it pretty quickly. they don’t stand back and be calm about it.

    i.e the whole thing about KJI being ready to kick the bucket, they showered the world with a bunch of fake pictures constantly. the whole thing about the balloons being sent, they made a big stink. and now this.

    i would also suggest that whomever is making the rebuttal to be sent to some sort of high school debate class as the rebuttal is pretty weak.

    yes…..the american health system is poor, but at least in america our doctors have proper equipment and medicine to practice medicine including electricity. i mean….kji himself probably didn’t dare touched by a NK doctor during his stroke ordeal.