‘Kimjongilia,’ The Movie

A new documentary will play at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, and this is one that I’m going to be watching very carefully: “Kimjongilia.” The film is about North Korea and those who have escaped it, their tortuous flights, and their often equally tortuous deprogramming as they adapt to life on Earth. The film’s subject matter focus is on the concentration camps, and the astonishment of the Director, N.C. Heikin, that world opinion has not arisen in outrage against them.

The film’s artistic focus is on the jarring contrast between the regime’s eerily beautiful deification with the grim alternative reality of life, such as it is, for an ordinary North Korean citizen.

You can read more about “Kimjongilia” in this review, and watch a trailer here. Thanks to the producers of “Kimjongilia” for the hat tip, and if you know of anyone who would be interested in this film, you can use the “share this” links below to e-mail this post to them.

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