Fists Still Firmly Clenched …

Punching their fists into the air and shouting “Let’s crush them!” some 100,000 North Koreans packed Pyongyang’s main square Thursday for an anti-U.S. rally as the communist regime promised a “fire shower of nuclear retaliation” for any American-led attack.

Several demonstrators held up a placard depicting a pair of hands smashing a missile with “U.S.” written on it, according to footage taken by APTN in Pyongyang on the anniversary of the day North Korean troops charged southward, sparking the three-year Korean War in 1950.

North Korean troops will respond to any sanctions or U.S. provocations with “an annihilating blow,” one senior official vowed …. [AP]

You know, I thought the North Koreans would be a lot nicer by now, without George W. Bush around saying all those mean things about them.


  1. I am not sure why the western media still reports on these stories like 100,000 North Koreans voluntarily went to Kim il Sung Square, stood in line formation, and chanted the same anti-US slogans in unison. Unfortunately, I have seen North Koreans paraded out in this fashion, and I know they do not exactly enjoy the experience.

    These stories should read more like this:

    “The North Korean government, in a demonstration of the power it holds over its people, ordered Pyongyang work groups to leave their jobs for the day to stand at attention in the hot summer sun for hours on end listening to speeches about topics about which they have little knowledge or interest.

    During this time, the North Koreans who appear at these functions must stand silently (with the exception of the uniform chanting) in rigid military formation while the summer sun beats down on them, in many cases leading to dehydration and even fainting. The fainting occurrs regularly enough that they have doctors on hand (but rarely water) to give people medicine to revive them.”

    It really is too bad the DPRK cannot conduct a credible public opinion poll to relieve the population of these unnecessary sacrifices.


  2. “fire shower of nuclear retaliation” — I finally found it. This is how to describe what happens the morning after you have curry for dinner, followed by guinness.

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself.