Current TV Posts Thank You Message from Laura Ling and Euna Lee

I don’t believe I can count all the layers of ambivalence I feel about this.

Hat tip to a reader.


  1. Now that we can put a speaking voice, personality and intellect to the famous names, I feel exactly like I did when I saw Monica Lewinsky’s first televised interview.

  2. Thanks for that. It became the kernel for another post on these two (and Mitch Koss). I’m beginning to feel more, um, ambivalence toward Laura Ling (and her sister Lisa Ling) and less about Euna Lee. It’s a gut feeling, but I’m thinking that Laura Ling and Mitch Koss were the primary sources of stupogance, not Euna Lee.

  3. So Euna Lee actually speaks decent English.

    I’ll admit I am biased towards Euna Lee because I’m Korean too (although I stand by my position that she should’ve known better as a ROK-born person).

    I wonder if what Kushibo just said is the truth after all. We’ll see.

  4. May I speculate a little? Euna’s husband is an actor with uncertain prospects. She saw an opportunity to improve her financial security, not least for Hana’s sake. She also saw a chance to help women with whom she could identify – there but for the grace of God went she. When it was almost time to come home, Mitch or Laura had an idea that Euna, an ROK native, knew was crazy. But she was subordinate to them, so she went along. The North Korean border patrol did its job, Mitch fled, tapes of the hapless North Korean women were seized as evidence, Laura and Euna faced the consequences. And depending on Dear Leader’s judgement, those consequences could have been severe.

  5. Glans, I have thought much the same. I think Mitch Koss and/or Laura Ling were the “brains” behind this idea, and Euna pretty much had to go along. Nevertheless, even if she were apprehensive about something she thought was foolhardy, one there she may have gotten a thrill out of the prospect of sneaking into the DPRK, if only a few dozen meters.

  6. Dear Euna and Laura,
    I have a question about your freedom. What did it cost? Hear me?! AT WHAT COST?!

  7. Really people… all this speculation for what? Reminds me of high school gossiping all over again. In hindsight they may have made the wrong move there on the border, but they are reporters after all. None of us are out there taking risks. Its easy to judge from the comfort of our sofas… I too at first thought them idiots for their timing in going to North Korea. But thank goodness they were safe. Put yourself in their shoes for one second.

  8. OK, I volunteer to put myself in their shoes for about 30 seconds. I infiltrated North Korea 3 times and did not get caught. The third time was definitely longer than 30 seconds.
    Tom O’Neill is a reporter after all. He did the same story in Yanji (China) for the February 2009 issue of National Geographic magazine without approaching the border.
    The risk of crossing the border was not necessary for Current TV’s assignment. Don’t talk to us about risk!
    Get a haircut, you little ape.

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