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Nine Refugees Leave Danish Embassy in Hanoi for Seoul

“The nine North Koreans left the Danish embassy this morning and they are now at Noi Bai International Airport checking in before flying to Singapore and then Seoul,” the Vietnamese diplomatic source told AFP, asking not to be named. [….]

The nine entered the Danish compound on September 24 hoping to reach South Korea, Kim Sang-Hun, an activist who said his group helped them reach the embassy, told AFP earlier. [AFP]

That must be the same Kim Sang Hun whom I met in Washington just two weeks ago. Incidentally, I still haven’t found the Jeung-San prison, just one vaguely possible site.


  1. This had a lot to do with South Korean president Lee Myung-bak’s visit to Hanoi. Consider it Vietnam’s pre-arrival present to LMB. Given the fast-expanding economic ties between Vietnam and South Korea, it is only natural for Vietnam to do what it did.



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