Sorrow for a friend I’ve never met

It’s been a terrible thing reading Kevin, a/k/a The Big Hominid, describing the terminal cancer of his mom, someone he obviously loves and respects very much. Kevin is a founding father of the Korea blogosphere, one who never really fit into any of the standard categories — who else could manage to bridge the spiritual, philosophical, and scatological the way Kevin does? I’ve never quite managed to meet Kevin, and yet I’m really at a loss to explain just how saddened I am at this. Words fail me, so I’ll just suggest that you stop by and leave your good wishes at his blog.


  1. Thanks, Joshua. I squirm to think of myself as one of the founding fathers of the Koreablogosphere; other bloggers of that era quickly outstripped me in terms of readership thanks to their quality and focus; the Marmot’s Hole and Incestuous Amplification come immediately to mind. All the same, my ego and I thank you, and on warmer note, I appreciate your kindness in spreading the word about Mom.



  2. It’s not the size of the readership that makes you a founding member.

    As for as the K-blogsphere goes, I don’t think ya even have to be a blogger. A few long-time, frequent, lengthy commenters have been around long enough (Sonagi for one) to warrant being included in the founder’s club….It’s longevity and quality that counts….IMHO

    Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers too.

    P.S. I remember back to when someone in your family had a car accident — you set up a paypal donation link….if you have done that for your mom (or do do that), please comment a link…..



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