Money Laundering

Move Along, Nothing to See Here

An unidentified North Korean consul who disappeared in Shenyang last month while on his way to the bank has been found dead:

Chinese authorities are investigating the death of a North Korean diplomat whose body was discovered in late October after he went missing for nearly a month, sources here said Friday.

The diplomat, identified only by his surname of Kim, was a consul at the North Korean consulate-general in this eastern city of China, according to the sources. Kim, in his mid-40s and in charge of economic affairs at the mission, went missing early last month after leaving the office to go to a bank, the sources said.

They said investigators did not find external injuries at the time the body was discovered and have not been able to conclude whether the cause of death was suicide or murder. [Yonhap]

Odds that “Kim” was involved in illegal activity, including money laundering and violations of UNSCR 1718 and 1874: 95%. Odds that Kim’s demise resulted from foul play: about the same, I’d say. The possibilities for speculation are as limitless as the list of his potential enemies. Was he involved in proliferating something threatening to someone? Did someone suspect him of skimming off the top, or of being a double agent, or of harboring impure ideas? Was he just carrying too much cash through dark streets at night?