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2 Million Dead Later, Kim Jong Il Admits N. Korea One Vast Shithole

I can’t imagine Kim Jong Il (or more likely, his minions) would make this sort of subtle concession if the Bowibu was reporting that the peasants were singing his praises contentedly while dancing merrily to the accompaniment of their accordions:

“The president has said that people should be allowed to eat white rice and meat soup, wear silk clothes and live under tiled roofs,” Kim Jong-Il was quoted as saying by Rodong.

“But we’ve so far failed to carry out this goal,” he said. “I will certainly resolve the issue of people’s livelihood within the shortest possible period and achieve the president’s last wish,” he said. [AFP]

I’m sure he’s doing the best he can. After all, do you have any idea what yachts cost these days?


  1. No need to get so luxurious. I bet the people would settle for electricity and running water – you know, things that the rest of us take for granted.

    It’ll be a welcome day of judgment when KJI’s corpse is dragged through the streets and allowed to be eaten by maggots. (I would say “eaten by dogs,” except I seriously doubt any stray animals are to be found in NK.)


  2. You know the situation up in North Korea right now must be quite serious considering if this report is true that Kim Jong-il admitted failure to do something.



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