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Kim Jong Il Death Watch

sick-kim-jong-ii.jpgI’m not sure where Open News is getting its insider information about Kim Jong Il’s comings and goings, but if true, this would seem significant:

According to a high-official North Korean, Kim Jong-Il could not visit the Mt. KeumSu Memorial Palace on New Years Day, where the formal chairman Kim Il-Sung is buried, missing out on one of the major new years events in North Korea. It is stated that there was not a single year since 1995 when Kim Jong-Il did not pay a tribute on midnight of new year’s day, according to the source. This is a very significant event which implies the exacerbation of Kim’s health conditions.

Korean Central Broadcasting released this statement denying the report.

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  1. I think the KWP’s strategy is to gradually walk KJI out of the public eye so that after his decease, they can continue the charade (through doubles) of his ‘field guidance’ presence in order to pick the time/manner of his ‘official’ passing into hell eternity. The priests of Juche are at work devising the narrative linking Kim Jong woon to Mt. Paekdu and Tangun – without which the ‘Suryong’ cannot reign.

    We will probably only learn of KJI’s demise after the Ceaucescu moment occurs.



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