Great Confiscation Update

From the Daily NK:

A defector, who spoke with his family in North Hamkyung Province on Tuesday, reported the news to the Daily NK, “I called my family to send some money to them as I had heard they were in trouble, and they told me that the current situation is unspeakably terrible. They live only by bartering with others.

He explained further, “For now, state-designated prices are still not public, so people think that selling goods for cash now would mean making a loss. Therefore, bartering has become the main method of trading for the people.

That, and the fact that the value of the currency is plunging so fast that no one wants to hold it.


  1. well said osumashi.

    there was some research dude recently on nk even quoting bob marley:

    ‘them belly full but we hungry. a hungry mob is an angry mob…’