Bang Bang, Splash Splash

When I first heard that North Korea had declared a no-sail zone off its West Coast, I really wanted to believe that it was because they read this, but I suspected that they’d actually launch some anti-ship missiles from Cho-Do. Instead, we have this:

North and South Korea exchanged artillery fire near their disputed sea border on Wednesday, highlighting instability along a heavily armed frontier for the second time in three months. North Korea warned the South that more rounds were on the way as a part of military training, and then fired off another barrage a few hours after delivering the message in a state media report. Analysts doubt the latest clash will escalate and see it more as an attempt by Pyongyang to stress tensions on the Korean peninsula and press home its demand for a peace deal that would open the way to international aid for its ruined economy.

The shells all appear to have splashed harmlessly into the water. Cue the grave concern, etcetera, etcetera. (yawn ….)


  1. slim says:

    Every projectile North Korea shoots off is one less they have in stock.

  2. And what’s this expression, “exchanging” artillery fire? So can you exchange four 40 mm rounds for one 152 mm round? I never got that.

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