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North Korea Denies Hwang Jang Yop Assassination Attempt

North Korea denies trying to assassinate Hwang Jang Yop (also, the Korean War and the existence of concentration camps). The North Korean web site Uriminzokkiri, the very same one that just two weeks before had said, in reference to Hwang, and I quote, “Traitors have always been slaughtered with knives,” now calls the reports of the assassination plot “a ridiculous fabrication.”

I look forward to John Feffer’s explanation for why North Korea’s involvement is improbable.

President Bush removed North Korea from the list of state sponsors of terrorism on October 11, 2008, to reward it for its progress toward nuclear disarmament. Sixteen months and one nuke test later, and after two shipments of arms were seized en route to Iranian-backed terrorists, President Obama decided not to restore North Korea to the list. Discuss among yourselves.

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  1. Perhaps a bit hasty at assuming North Korean guilt? And coming from a defence attorney, no less? 😉

    I’m no friend of the DPRK regime, but I found this whole incident wreaking of BS from the ROK side. Frankly speaking, the North Korean track record of assassination has been remarkably successful (and professional, if you could call it that) – the two that were caught seem to be neither, and also seem to be telling their interrogators what they want to hear.



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