Kim Jong Il

A Field Guide to the Septuagenarian Apparatchiks of North Korea

The Chosun Ilbo, profiling who sat where as the North Koreans (a very few of them) feasted in Beijing, gives us a great who’s who photo.


The caption reads:

Clockwise from top left, Kim Yong-chun, Hyon Chol-Hae and Ri Myong-su (directors of the National Defense Commission), Choe Thae-bok, Kim Ki-nam, Jang Song-taek, Kim Yang-gon, Kim Yong-il, Kang Sok-ju, Tae Jong-soo, Kim Pyong-hae (Workers’ Party secretary for North Pyongan Province), and Ju Kyu-chang /Yonhap

There’s also more evidence that Jang Song-Thaek will be the real successor to Kim Jong Il. In many important ways, he probably already is.

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  1. As far as Jang is concerened Joshua, Do you really believe that the husband of the Emperor’s most treasured sister has the keys to the “Royce” so soon in slang terms? If you have that “gut” feeling Mr. Stanton that he is, then you are not alone. If the DPRK thinks that they alone train their children to kill Americans, while American children are not trained to kill their enemies with much more lethal accurate force since birth also, then they are VERY gravely mistaken. The Difference between us Americans and them, is that we actually want Koreans both north and south, east and west, to have a better lives.. We however just want to the Northern Emperor’s regime to end it’s reign of terror against children of the southern kingdom of Korea (the rice basket of the Korean Kingdoms). For All of Chosun’s sake. Hopefully the southern Koreans will now realize that Northern Korean man rapes Southern women. Its about Time that the South Korean Man stops allowing the Northern Korean men to push them around. It may just be around time when southern Korean man takes back the entire Korean peninsula,,… For the Bright destiny of Korea,…



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