Laura Ling Names Baby After Clinton

Inappropriate snickering will not be tolerated:

Laura Ling told CBS News Chief Legal Correspondent Jan Crawford on’s “Washington Unplugged” last Friday that while imprisoned in North Korea she remembered thinking that she would never be able start a family.

But last night, nearly a year removed from her capture, Ling and her husband, Iain Clayton, celebrated the birth of their first child. And according to People Magazine, as a tribute to former president Bill Clinton and his work in getting the journalist freed, the couple named the baby girl Li Jefferson Clayton. Jefferson is Bill Clinton’s middle name.

According to People, the baby’s first name is a tribute to Ling’s sister Lisa, who first reached out to Mr. Clinton. [CBS]

This post is dedicated to Kushibo.


  1. The North Korea that was emboldened to take US journalists hostage has MANY fathers, among whom, Clinton is a good enough choice.

  2. Joshua wrote:

    This post is dedicated to Kushibo.

    As I wrote on my own blog (with a HT to you, of course), if I was facing a dozens years in a North Korean prison — whether it was through my own foolishness or not — and former President Bill Clinton used his clout to come and rescue me, I’d probably name my firstborn after him, too. Seriously.

  3. I would never call my sons Bjornar or Alejandro if these two morons would save my ass in North Korea, but then again, I would never be in NK in the first place and secondly, retard A & retard B are incapable of saving anyone, although they are quite good at losing the plot altogether.

  4. Q. What did Monica Lewinsky find in her pocket?

    A. A wad of Bill’s.

    I believe there was a second shooter on the Grassy Knoll.

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