Congratulations to Suzanne Scholte

Scholte, whom I’ve known since 2003, leads the North Korean Freedom Coalition, which (among its many good works) contributes to those leaflet balloon launches that have irritated the North Korean regime so much. In 2008, Scholte won the Seoul Peace Prize. This year, she receives a new honor:

Suzanne Scholte, the president of the conservative Defense Forum Foundation of the U.S., has been named the winner of the Walter Judd Freedom Award. The prize will be presented by The Fund for American Studies, a U.S. non-governmental organization, on July 20.

Named in honor of the late U.S. congressman Walter Henry Judd, the annual award is given to individuals who advance the cause of freedom in the U.S. and around the globe. [….]

In an interview with Radio Free Asia, Scholte said that she is honored to receive the award and hopes that her winning will raise awareness of North Korea’s human rights problems as well as its nuclear programs and political situation.

You can contribute to the North Korean Freedom Coalition here. On a related note, the Korean Church Coalition continues to hold events this week in Washington.