Clandestine Footage Shows Starving Soldiers in N. Korea

This comes to us via the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. There’s no embed link, but you can watch it here. It’s consistent with other recent reports from North Korea, some of which suggest that even elite units are underfed. Note that when the soldiers get hungry, they head straight for the markets to expropriate food from the traders. This helps explain why the regime tolerates markets, and it also adds to our suspicion that whatever food aid we distribute will be expropriated in the same way.

I’ll warn you that the sight of the starving, filthy kkotjaebi (homeless orphaned children) may haunt you.


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    seems to be the only one not broken at the time when I viewed it. Do you ever think that it may be wiser for the U.S. to buy up land in the DPRK around outcast areas of Koreans for cheap and insure those outcast live better than those in Pyongyang? After all those not near tot thier sun God grow cold, those to close to them burn, maybe it is time that we Americans do the ultimate move. Kim Jong Il only loves money, that is proven. Let us by up the land around Hamhung whilst China buys up Siniju. Koreans in both Chinese and American territorys will be well fed.