Just about everyone pans Sohn Hak-Kyu’s proposal to share the Olympics with N. Korea

It seems that I was not alone in my reaction to Sohn Hak-Kyu’s addle-brained suggestion of sharing the 2018 Winter Olympics with North Korea. The idea has since been rejected by the Chairman of the International Olympic Commission, the government of South Korea, and 73.3% of South Koreans. So that would seem to be that. Or so we can hope.

Here, by the way, is what caused me to suspect that Sohn only proposed the idea to appease his hard-left base as he enters the presidential nomination contest.

But the comparison of North Korea’s treatment with South Africa’s is a constant source of delectable irony. Whereas the IOC enforced a boycott of South Africa, the IOC insists that Japan grant North Korea free access to Olympic events there despite North Korea’s abduction and imprisonment of Japanese citizens.

So is North Korea’s regime really less racist than South Africa’s was?