North Korea Freedom Week, April 24 – May 1, 2012

Click here for the schedule of events in English; here for Korean. This year’s events all seem to be happening in South Korea.


  1. fun stuff says:

    The US Women’s Soccer Team (ranked #1 in the world) just drew North Korea in the group stage of the Olympics. I wonder if they try to show another live game, or just invent some reason to withdraw.

  2. thomas says:

    The English schedule looks like it might be from last year. This is the only current English copy I could find.

    English post:

    Here’s the highlights.

    North Korea Freedom Week2012 Schedule (April 22nd to May 1st)

    NKHR Photo Exhibit – FNKR: Duration of NKW2012
    Reading of the list of names of abductees – KFWAFU: Duration of NKFW2012
    NK Defectors’ Proclamation Event hosted by 4 major NGO NK Broadcasters, at Wonpyo Park: Duration of NKFW2012
    NKD Youth Coalition’s ‘Putting Up NKFW2012’ Posters at major universities: Duration of NKFW2012
    Press Conference in front of Chinese Embassy regarding Forced Repatriation – Congressperson Park Sun-young : Everyday 2pm

  3. Glans says:

    The Columbia University chapter of LiNK met Friday, April 6. Michael Ard reported for CPReviewOnline.

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