North Korea Freedom Week, April 24 – May 1, 2012

Click here for the schedule of events in English; here for Korean. This year’s events all seem to be happening in South Korea.


  1. The English schedule looks like it might be from last year. This is the only current English copy I could find.

    English post:

    Here’s the highlights.

    North Korea Freedom Week2012 Schedule (April 22nd to May 1st)

    NKHR Photo Exhibit – FNKR: Duration of NKW2012
    Reading of the list of names of abductees – KFWAFU: Duration of NKFW2012
    NK Defectors’ Proclamation Event hosted by 4 major NGO NK Broadcasters, at Wonpyo Park: Duration of NKFW2012
    NKD Youth Coalition’s ‘Putting Up NKFW2012’ Posters at major universities: Duration of NKFW2012
    Press Conference in front of Chinese Embassy regarding Forced Repatriation – Congressperson Park Sun-young : Everyday 2pm