AP President, Execs Bow to Kim Il Sung Statue in North Korean Propaganda Video

Well, if this doesn’t symbolize everything, I don’t know what else does. AP President Tom Curley does the “honors,” if that’s quite the right word here.

Some of them look slightly uncomfortable about it, to be sure. It’s de rigeur for visitors to North Korea to have to lay flowers and bow at these statues, as a first conditioning act of self-subordination. What’s less clear is that it’s de rigeur to agree to do this on camera. North Korea’s own KCNA posted this online back in January, but as of this morning, the video only has 27 views.

Hat tip to Adam Cathcart.


  1. @Kevin Kim
    Spot on.
    They look like nervy thespians given a walk on part in an Orwellian Truman Show. Must have had to shower long and good after that experience, electricity supply permitting.